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Vehicular traffic accident investigations, accident site surveys and reconstructions, Component Failure Analysis Occupant Ejections, Ergonomic Design Seat Belts and Airbags Low Speed Accidents Traffic Engineering Crash and Durability Testing Roll-over Accidents Railroad Crossing Collisions Unintended Acceleration Roadway Lighting and Visibility Human Factors Studies Injury Mechanisms & Biomechanical Analysis

We provide leading edge technology such as Scientific Computer Animation, which incorporates accurate field measurements, and adheres to laws of physics, for the evaluation of accidents involving automobiles, trucks, boats, trains, snowmobiles, pedestrians and bicycles.


Walters Forensic Engineering Inc. offers expertise in failure analysis. A failure investigation and subsequent analysis will determine the primary and contributory causes of a failure. We are experienced in identifying and analyzing the fundamental sources of failures for products liability.  Such investigation often go hand-in-hand with metallurgical and material science examination, and with stress analysis. Walters Forensic Engineering Inc. posses the the expertise to offer an integrated approach to what essentially a forever multiplying field of investigation.


Walters Forensic Engineering offers expertise in the engineering aspects of boiler failure. This includes investigating corrosion, fatigue, and overstress failures. We also offer expertise in the strength of metallurgical failure of various machinery. Where necessary, we augment our in-house experience with experts in specific narrow fields from outside sources in order to provide a broad multidisciplinary.


When there is a personal injury due to a 'slip and fall', the failure of machinery or the poor design of equipment, we provide 24-hour engineering expertise to analyze and service these occurrences including the following:
  • Workplace design and workers' compensation
  • "due diligence" and compliance
  • Ergonomics analysis
  • Remediation and rehabilitation
  • Kinematics and personal injuries


Walters Forensic Engineering Inc. provides expertise in civil, structural and foundation engineering. This includes causes and scopes of failures, design audits and rehabilitation work. Typical installations include major structures in concrete or steel construction in such as towers, silos, tanks, parking structures and bridges; roads; and water supply and sanitary structures.


Walters Forensic Engineering offers expertise in the field of building construction, identification of problems relating to all types of residential, commercial and industrial constructions. Structural assessments, utility services, problems associated with water damage and mould. We also offer expertise for investigating construction claims and construction deficiencies.


Our fires and explosions group investigate a wide range of building and vehicle fire and explosion accidents and catastrophic events to determine both origin and cause, as well as liability for the loss. Other services include fire and explosion modeling and dynamics analysis, fire and flammability testing, appliance testing and loss evaluation. Our Fires and Explosions group is comprised of chemical, material, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and certified fire investigators.

Our experience includes investigations of residential, commercial and industrial properties, incendiary fires, industrial fires and explosions involving hazardous materials, natural gas and propane services, dust fires and explosions, lightning strikes, and explosions attributed to mechanical or electrical malfunctions, and arson.

Walters Forensic Engineering investigations into  incidents are based upon analysis of physical evidence, the results of examination and testing and the assessment of reported information.


Environmental services require a multi-disciplinary engineering approach in order to provide an accurate evaluation of the environmental conditions of a site or facility, or a specific contamination. Walters Forensic Engineers' expertise is necessary when providing:
  • Audits and geotechnical investigations
  • Facility assessments for the design of buildings, sewers, roadways
  • Remedial engineering for clean-ups and water contamination
  • Site and facility assessments using drilling, inspection and magnetometer surveys
  • Phase I, II, and II Environmental Site Assessments for insurers, lenders, investors, real estate, manufacturers and compliance
  • Risk based assessments
  • Air quality assessments


Walters Forensic Engineering Inc. offers expertise in 3D scientific animation. 3D scientific animations had been produced in-house at Walters for the past 6 years, thus providing extensive experience.

Using three-dimensional scientific animation, engineers are able to accurately demonstrate to the court the results of their analysis, thus providing viewers with a better understanding of the spatial and temporal aspects of the accident. The occurrence of events could unfold in front of viewers in real time, thus demonstrating how quickly events occurred. Objects such as vehicles, individuals, animals, road geometry, and obstructions can be placed in the accident scene at specific locations and at specific points in time. Other applications include fire origin and spread in a structure, movement of a mechanical apparatus involved in a failure for personal injury or product liability cases, movement of contaminants through soil.


Walters Forensic Engineering provides expertise in the field of forensic science such as in the area of industrial chemistry and industrial chemical processes; material failure analysis, microscopic analysis, environmental chemical, instrumental and classical wet analysis.

We provide chemical analysis of abrasives, automotive, chemical manufacture, explosives, food stuffs, metals and minerals, paints and coatings, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, rubber, plastics and polymers, soaps, detergents and cleaners.

We also provide chemical analysis involving: instrumental techniques and chemical instrumentation, chromatographic separations, solvent extractions, qualitative, quantitative and structural spectroscopy, classical wet analysis, microscopy and electrochemical techniques.


Due to the advances in medical technology we have added the resources required to meet the need of this new investigative area. We have expertise in medical implant devices such as xenograft replacement heart valves, which could have been improperly stitched. A pre-existing burr on the femoral head of a replacement hip could cause excessive wear to the polyethylene in an acetabular cup. Insufficient sintering temperature may cause parts of a porous coating to a cementless orthopaedic implant to break at reduced stress levels. Corrosion to the leads of a pacemaker could affect its effectiveness. These are only a few examples of the types of medical implant devices that may fail requiring investigation and analysis.


Walters Forensic Engineering Inc. provides staff experienced in the live theatre and film industry. Whether it involves fall arrest systems or scenic automation failures, our staff have over 10 years of practical experience to go with his engineering training in order to quickly determine what went wrong and why.
  • Failure of aerial rigging systems.
  • Injuries due to failure of fall arrest systems.
  • Calculations for safety-factors for aerial rigging, including dynamic and shock loading.
  • Inspection of safety systems for redundancies of over-audience installations.


Years of courtroom experience and in-house training in litigation support enable our engineers to:
  • Give strong expert testimony
  • Assist in the development of penetrating questions for cross-examinations
  • Provide exceptional technical input for the theory of the case

As engineers specialized in forensics, all of our investigations are conducted with the assumption that we may eventually testify as an expert witness in legal proceedings. All of our experts are experienced with preparing reports and other means of demonstrative evidence which will be undisputed and effective in the courtroom. Having provided technical expert litigation support for over 26 years, Walters Forensic Engineering has established a reputation in the legal industry and with the judiciary for "telling it as it is." Our experts are concise, credible and technically qualified to give expert opinion.

Walters' experts can be relied upon to provide technical litigation support that will make complicated evidence easy to understand in a credible manner that will stand the test of cross-examination.