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Often during our assessments, we are required to make some assumptions about the individuals involved in an accident and the design of the workspace where the accident took place. The information below is generated from scientific studies of various aspects of human physiology and psychology. The characteristics of accident sites that are not sensitive to this human factor data would indicate that they were in such a condition where they could be hazardous to an individual using them. On the other hand, if the design of the accident site took into consideration the following information, then in some way, the individual may be negligent. This is just a sample, there are many more examples in the literature.

50th Percentile Male Height

68.3 inches

50th Percentile Female Height

62.9 inches

50th Percentile Male Weight

168 lb.

50th Percentile Female Weight

139 lb.


Male Average Grip Strength

108 lb.

Female Average Grip Strength

87 lb.


50th Percentile Male Forward Functional Reach

32 inches

50th Percentile Female Forward Functional Reach

30 inches


Maximum height toe risers above ground during forward swing of the foot while walking

1 inch


Time required to begin recovering from an unexpected misstep on the stairs

190 milliseconds

Distance fallen during this time

7 inches


Maximum number of unrelated items that can be held in short term memory

5-9 items

Time until these items are forgotten

10-20 seconds

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