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In many cases, the answer is "yes". Skiing carefully and with proper equipment is an important step toward avoiding injury.

Ski areas are continually increasing the number of people on the slopes. This is accomplished by virtue of high speed, multiple person lifts. This increase results in crowded slopes and we anticipate an increase in skiing accidents as a result.


Just like Driving a Car

Skiing contains elements of speed, control and decision making. Skiers must therefore exercise care and ski within their ability. Impairment, high speed and poor judgement can be as dangerous as when driving an automobile. Safe equipment is as crucial as a safe vehicle.


Ski Bindings

Ski equipment must be properly selected for a given skier and adjusted accordingly. The most important safety component is the bindings. The bindings secure the ski boot to the ski.

When a skier falls, the bindings are designed to release the boot from the ski, if necessary. This reduces the chance of the skier sustaining injury to the ankle, knee and leg.

Once the ski is detached from the skier, brakes should automatically stop the ski from travelling downhill and/or into other skiers.

Bindings must be sized and adjusted for each skier. The size of the bindings depends on the weight of the skier. Once selected, the bindings must be adjusted for the individual skier. This should only be performed by a qualified ski technician.

Binding adjustment depends on the skier's age, weight, ability and skiing style. The more aggressive and accomplished skiers will have their bindings set to release under higher forces, as compared to less aggressive and less experienced skiers.


Skier's Responsibility

It is the skier's responsibility to ski safely and to monitor the condition of his or her equipment on a regular basis. A reputable ski shop will instruct the skier on this matter.

Proper ski binding adjustment is only one of the possible factors in skiing accident or injury. If you are faced with a skiing related loss, Walters offers the experience and scope to resolve the issues in a cost effective manner.

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