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Current improvements in bot computer software (programs) and hardware (computers themselves) have made the use of computer fire models and simulations practical for many fire investigations.

There are two major fire modelling "programs" currently available for desk-top computers. The earliest available and most basic program package is FPETOOL, consisting of 18 separate program modules dealing with fire aspects. The modules cover topics from egress (exit) time from a specific burning building to sprinkler / detector response times to a complete fire sequence re-creation in a single room or compartment. The most detailed and useful fire modeling and simulation program currently available (outside of government agencies) is HAZARD. This program has the expanded capabilities of all of the components of FPETOOL with the added ability to model a fire scene involving several rooms or compartments where fire spread is involved.

These computer modelling tools will give output of general conditions in the fire scene based on the supplied information.

Even the basic FPETOOL package has the ability to simulate an output temperature, gas concentrations (CO, CO2, O2, etc.), smoke height and other factors for a single room simulation. This capability can be put to best use in fire investigations where personal injuries or fatalities were involved. A competent computer fire model can give an indication as to the time frame of smoke detector actuation, survivable conditions (both temperature and gas concentrations) and ultimate fire severity at the fire scene.

Computer based fire modelling is another tool that Walters Consulting Corporation can bring to a fire investigation to assist in our analysis. Computer generated data combined with a proper scene inspection by a knowledgeable investigator can provide information on a fire scene that will speed the resolution of any claims.

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