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Many personal injury accidents occur involving glass jars and bottles. These accidents often result in the loss or limited use of a finger(s) or a hand. This loss can render the injured person unable to perform his/her job. Significant personal injury claims then result.

It is important to preserve the physical evidence and to have a complete fracture analysis performed when involved in action arising from this type of injury. Glass surfaces fracture in characteristic patters, which often leave clues as to the cause of the failure. Well preserved physical evidence enables the expert to reconstruct the vessel and determine the cause of the fracture.

Contact stresses are created by an external force from objects such as a counter or kitchen knife. They result in very high stress concentration over a small area, usually creating an easily distinguishable percussion cone. Other user damage is caused by contact from utensils being dropped into glass objects or by the stacking of glasses. This results in chipping and/or cracking of the outside surface of the glass item.

Damage inflicted by the consumer normally results in an immediate failure. Manufacturing flaws can also cause and/or contribute to failures. Internal stresses remaining after manufacturer can be detected on unbroken glass objects using polarographic analysis. Thickness variances and other imperfections can also contribute to failure. An examination and review of the manufacturing process and its statistical process control (SPC) can reveal or eliminate possible contributing factors to a failure.

Whether defending or taking an action as a result of a personal injury caused by a glass product, your position on liability can only be determined through a proper analysis and assessment. Walters Consulting Corporation has handled many such cases. A preliminary analysis of a failed glass item can be performed quickly and at minimal cost. Complete assessments can follow as required.

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