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In recent years, slip and fall accidents have become an increasing concern to the insurance industry, as the size of claims and frequency of occurrence has been steadily increasing. Most recent figures show an excess of 8 million falls annually in the U.S. alone. Of these, 1.6 million cases result in disabling injuries while over 9600 cases have resulted in deaths. The issue of liability for the majority of the accidents has proven to be difficult to resolve. In the past, this has been due in part to a lack of accurate methods in determining a floor's resistance to slips and falls.

Walters Consulting Corporation has recently acquired the NBS-Brungraber testing machine which measures the static co-efficient of friction for any floor surface. This co-efficient is in effect the floor's resistance to sliding motion. The machine provides engineers with a tool to test floors accurately and compare the results to the American Standards for Testing Materials.

The slip tester is designed specifically to mimic the human walking motion. It is the only machine of its kind approved by the National Bureau of Standards in the United States which can be used on site with suitable results for comparison with ASTM standard D2047.

The NBS-Brungraber slip tester machine provides valuable information to insurers in decisions regarding both risk analysis and liability disputes.

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