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A contaminant spill at any site can produce reams of measured data that can confuse as easily as it can inform.

This data will typically consist of bore hole information. Bore hole information will consist of the locations of the bore hole, the depth of the bore hole, the various soil types, and their depths. These soil types have a known water permeability rate, usually expressed in feet per day. Further testing of these samples will reveal the contaminant, its concentration, and at what depth the contaminant was found. A survey is usually also on record of the properties involved and the location of the various buildings. Magnetomatic surveys can also locate the position of buried underground items.

Once the above information is in place, a three-dimensional drawing can be created on the computer showing both above and below ground information. Above ground information, obtained from the land surveys would indicate the location of past and present structures, or potential past dumping sites and their position relative to other neighbouring structures such as wells, buildings, or water supplies. Below ground information obtained from bore hole data would indicate a depth of the various soil types and their location. The location and the depths of the bore holes can then be placed on the drawing as reference points.

Given the depths where the contaminants were found, their concentration, and the rates of permeability of the soil types, a time lapse animation can show how far and fast contamination from a source could travel through the ground and reach various locations. The rate of travel could be proven as video images are displayed at thirty frames per second.

To our knowledge, using scientific animation to display this type of information in a Canadian court has not yet occurred. We anticipate that this valuable type of demonstration will be appearing soon.

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