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Water can be viewed in everyday life in three different states: solid (ice), vapour (steam) and liquid. Human beings can’t survive without consuming it, and derive pleasure from immersing in it and playing on it. Water can also be a nuisance, a problem source, and can even be deadly.

Water often is encountered during construction projects, either from ground sources, surface runoff or other means. Water is also common in our homes, and is usually a welcome sight...when it comes out of a tap! When it comes out of some place it’s not supposed to, however, water becomes a five letter word.

A common problem with unwanted water in homes occurs in the basement. This is not hard to understand, given that the typical Canadian basement is at least 4 feet below the level of the ground surface outside. However, properly designed and constructed foundation drainage systems, foundation wall damp or water proofing, surface water drainage, and rainwater drainage systems all combine to protect the homeowner from dreaded "water in the basement".

A breakdown in the effectiveness of any one of the aforementioned systems can produce immediate, and often damaging results. Such a breakdown can occur in a multitude of ways, including:

To the untrained eye many of these causes may not be obvious, and eventhough the damages may be readily apparent, quite often the full extent of resulting damages are not as obvious. Structural damages may not show up for years after the initial, obvious water damages are assessed. If not immediately assessed and rectified the long term damages may be even more costly. This is especially true of foundations, and the bearing capacity of the soil on which they rest.

Water which drains down a foundation wall and is not carried away by the perimeter drainage system can cause the following structural damage:

A trained professional is usually able to determine both the cause of the water problem and the resulting damage, including possible future damages which have not yet developed.

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