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With more and more pressure being put on Ontario municipalities to reduce expenditures, especially since the Harris Government's mini-budge, the ability of the province and municipalities to maintain our roads to published Ontario Ministry of Transport (MTO) Guidelines will become increasingly difficult. Ultimately, it is anticipated the road quality will reduce resulting in more accidents.

For many years, Walters Consulting Corporation has provided expert assessment of Road Geometric Design and Signage as it relates to the cause of motor vehicle accidents. With the improvement of roads over the past decade and the improved recognition by municipalities f the importance of complying with the MTO Guidelines, the number of motor vehicle accidents caused and/or affected by poor road design and signage has decreased. With insufficient funding, the progress made over the years in the area of improved and proper maintenance of our roads is anticipated to be lost with time. The result will be more accidents and more municipalities being pulled into legal actions to defend their noncompliance with the published MTO Guidelines for road design, signage, and maintenance. Walters Consulting is prepared and would be glad to provide you with a free initial consultation to help you determine whether the road condition or signage was a contributory factor to the cause of a motor vehicle accident claim or action you are involved with.

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