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 About Walters

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About Walters  

Since 1973 Walters Forensic Engineering has provided services that set the standard in the Forensic Engineering industry. Our notable reputation is due to an innovative application of scientific principles and our ability to attract exceptional experts. This approach has resulted in growth and expansion, which allows us to provide our clients with consistent high quality services.

Walters' team approach allows us to resolve our clients most complex problems. By using a multi-disciplinary team we are able to provide:

  • Specialized experts to match the technical requirements of the project.
  • Thorough and efficient investigation with timely reporting and lowered cost.
  • A full understanding of all aspects of each case.

Litigation Support
Years of courtroom experience and in-house training in litigation support enable our engineers to:

  • Give strong expert testimony.
  • Assist in the development of penetrating questions for cross-examinations.
  • Provide exceptional technical input for the theory of the case.

Please call or email for a free initial consultation. We offer staged pricing and budgeting.

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The information contained in this web site is intended for marketing purposes only. It is not all-inclusive, and does not fully describe the many and varied services that the company provides, nor does it completely describe the education, training, skills, or expertise of our staff.


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